Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Juggling Act

Excuse the spelling errors I am deliriously tired!!!!

James Freemantle. 20 years experience in the communications and training industry. A television personality himself, having been on 7's Coxy's Big Break for 8 years, 9's Postcards and Talk to the Animals and 10's Bread! James was even an International anchor on Russia Today, a 24-hour News channel broadcasting across Europe, the USA and the UK! Impressive. Yeah that's what I was thinking when I walked into last weeks class. What better person than he to guide we budding Presenters?! The best thing about this class was we were far more relaxed then the first week. We let loose, learnt some valuable breathing technique's, presented some pieces to camera and worked on our intro's that will begin our showreels! We bonded. Lucy, Heidi and I hit it off from the get go. Heidi, a stunning blonde bombshell whom of which you could imagine presenting celebrity gossip on E News, we have so much common ground and are of similar age. And Lucy, a spectacular looking quintessential 'cool' chick who exudes MTV and is incredibly funny. All 3 of us share a very dry and warped sense of humour and the dynamic between us just works! Oh yeah and we are trout mouth's!  

The week continues: 6.30am start in the ReachLocal office the next day after class to be part of the first ever Global Sales call hosted by the USA Office. Zorik Gordon: Founder and CEO of ReachLocal Inc, Google him, he is the single most brilliant man I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. His vision for this great company I work for is extraordinary and Nathan Hanks, one of ReachLocal Founder's and Chief Distribution Officer literally is the most excitable, enthusiastic, inspirational and motivational person I have ever listened to! I sit in this meeting reminiscing about previous jobs and times when I may have been seriously pissed to be dragged into the office at such a crazy hour but realising that I was part of something special.

Fleeting thoughts of my little girl pass through my head and I start to feel sad that I am not with her on this morning. But I know one day, she will be so proud of me and will learn from me. It is so important that my time with her on the weekends is that of quality, activities that make her happy. Seeing her smile and laugh is the best feeling that one could have.

The rest of the working week pans out very well. With 6 new business meetings flying past, a marathon ReachCast training session from our National Training Manager and ReachLocal Director who I affectionately call 'Uncle Ken' (ReachCast happens to be the most amazing online reputation managment and social marketing solution for businesses), constant words of encouragment from my new Manager Dale, I am feeling like things are coming along nicely in Mel's Internet Marketing Consultant world!

I manage to squeeze in a Bootcamp on Friday, Helen my partner in crime makes me laugh. She has such wit and I enjoy her company a lot. I met Helen through one of my nearest and dearest friends Brooke Robertson about 6 years ago. I chew the poor things ear off every morning bitching and carrying on about the things that are really pissing me off in my life! I think she is going to start charging me not only for my hair (she is an awesome hairdresser) but for the 'Psychology' sessions I force her into.

I launch into the weekend with GLEE! date night with my beau on Friday, so nice to have a night together, thank God for the bye in the Central Murray Leauge for Lalbert this week! Sat morning Rylee has swimming, God I love watching her in the water, although she is aquatically challenged she is a real go getter and gives it her all! A quick catch up with Heid's and Luce to practice and prepare for our intro pieces we are filing in class on Monday night and then time to prepare for the evening............

A great friend De Woewodin, yep another former WAG (I wonder what we can title Coaches wives now that Shane is Assistant at the Brissi Lions - CAG?) was coming down from Brisbane to help celebrate Afijet Yze's birthday on Saturday night at the Flowerdrum, yep another former WAG too! Tamara Brown, best friend and Mother of the year and you guessed it ANOTHER former WAG organized the whole kit and caboodle and wow did she do a brilliant job of co-ordinating all the gang. It was the reunion we had been waiting for! Daniel's Mum Jo came over late arvo, she was off on a whirlwind trip to the States to see my Sis and Bro in Law who are living in Canada the next morning, we volunteered to take her to the airport Sunday morning. Worked out well because it meant that she could spend the night with Rylee whilst we are out. So happy she is doing this for herself, she has been through hell lately (that's another story) so I am pleased she is taking time out.

Honestly when we left the Melbourne Football Club I would never had imagined I would have maintained the friendships I did, the obvious one's dropped off but the real keepers, the one's you want for life are the one's I still talk to and see regularly and there is something to be said about that. We had an amazing culture, an amazing camaraderie, this incredible bond that no other environment will ever emulate again. I speak to Tam Brown and Julia Bruce (who is my other best friend who I refer to as my lobster) every day and you would think that we would run out of things to say? Nope. I am very lucky to be part of a special group of people especially to have these two in my life. I guess when your partner's go through so much together, playing finals, losing finals, losing a GRAND FINAL, being restricted in their social activities etc you tend to gravitate to those who get it and are in the same situation. Oh the fun we all used to have, whenever the boys would play interstate it would be a given - champagne and nibbles at Mel and Daniel's. I miss those times and catch myself smiling at the fun we all had! I remember Neale Daniher being such a character, I had a great rapport with him and his beautiful wife Jan who I miss dearly! Maree Royal, wife of Brian Royal was the life of the party with her bourbon and coke in one hand teaching Brooke and I how to wedge a 50c piece up our butts and successfully release it into a glass positioned on the floor after the 2000 Grand Final is a moment I will never forget!

Afijet seemed to have a great time on the night, we ate some amazing food, although I think the decor at The Flowerdrum needs some serious updating! I got to catch up with more former WAGS in Julia Nicholson who I have the utmost respect and admiration for, Belinda Bradley who is a very strong and inspirational lady, Trudy Rigoni the quiet achiever with the biggest heart, Olga Anderson who we used to look up to as the Mum of the Demonette's and the stunning Anna Green who is still in the system with Brad of course Captain this year.

And, after all these years the same pattern of behaviour from all the boys..... Boys up one end of the table, girls up the other! Some things will never change.........

The usual suspects rolled on to the old Arizona Bar, we drank, we danced we talked, Jules planked, Jules stacked - it was on for young and old! God I love my lobster!

After an amazing Sunday of playing with my Princess and resting from the night before's activity it was time to prepare for the week ahead.

Big week at ReachLocal in terms of signing new deals and INTRO FILMING in class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring it on...........

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

And so it begins.........

Well here I sit after another long and eventful day on the job at ReachLocal Australia! How am I functioning still? Is it only Tuesday? The week started off with a BANG.

Monday. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP alarm goes off, scares the absolute bejesus out of me. I spring out of bed not really knowing where I mustered up the energy to do that with such vigour? Perhaps it was because for the first time in a long time, I had a quiet weekend with Rylee. My training clothes for k.box bootcamp are neatly laid out on the couch in the family room ready for me to slowly climb into. I hear the rain outside and think to myself 'Why Mel?'. Yet, I reassure myself that it will be ok once I get there and also remind myself that I need to lose the spare tyre staring back at me because it isn't going to just disappear all by it's gurgling self. Brush the fangs, tip toe through the hallway, stub my toe on the clothes horse, drop my Ventolin inhaler, pick it up like it never happened praying that the sound did not wake Daniel up. And out the door I go. Jump in Derrick (my Dualis), freezing, blast the heater, eyes fuzzy, woops bush in driveway clips the window, wrong side of the road, woops again - time to administer eye drops. Slowly make my way up towards the Highway and I hear the phone beep. 'Due to bad weather bootcamp has been cancelled.' NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

So after that anti-climax, I decide to plonk on the couch and watch my favourite show,Grey's Anatomy from the Thursday night before. Self disciplined Mel would say: 'Get off the couch and go for a run, you are up after all'. See this is the life of a Mum, especially the working Mum. We play catch up to all our favourite shows whenever we can, this time for me 5.50am seemed like the most appropriate time, bugger the run! Once that was done, I got myself ready to head into the office where I was feeling excited knowing we had new staff beginning.

Made it through the day, 1 meeting with a potential new client who decides he is not ready to run an online advertising campaign with me just yet. Filled in the rest of the day planning my week, polishing up proposals I needed to send out, checking results for current campaigns and my day ends with a MAD dash to the second week of my Television Presenters course.

Can hardly contain myself I am that excited. You see, this has always been my dream, to learn about people, places, try new things, entertain an audience, make people smile and laugh. I think I do it naturally? For some reason, reasons I am trying to understand even now I have doubted myself. Could it be that I have felt inferior to all the beautiful 'modelesque' type women who are out there and on T.V? Could it be that I put my own dreams aside and shifted my focus to my dear husband's career for a long long time? Could it be I am a lazy cow? All I can do is look to the future and the future is bright for me and my little family.

When I ask Rylee what she thinks about me being on T.V, she says 'Oh yes Mummy but we will need lot's of make up so that you will not see the bags under your eyes'. Bless her cotton socks. 

I arrive at Brave Studio's where I am complimented by 19 year old Ariel 'MEL, you look GORGEOUS tonight, have you had your hair done?'

I reply: 'Nah, I just found an hour to wash, blow dry and straighten it, last week it was 6 day old bootcamp bashed hair in a feral bun.' I realise that to a young girl like Ariel she would have no concept of the time restrictions one has when trying to jugglea demanding job, a child and now study. We all walk in and James Fremantle greets us with a smile............................................