Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Wow! It's been a looooooong time between drinks and how my life has changed so much since my last post. So that we are up to speed I will attempt a timeline of events.

  • Finished my TV Presenters course, subsequently have lost my showreel (what a shock)!
  • Went on a whirlwind trip to the USA with 4 gal pals and have been dreaming of it ever since wanting to experience it all over again.
  • My Mother in law moved on with her life ridding the dead wood giving her closure, a refreshed and positive outlook on life.
  • My sister Bec fell pregnant.
  • I resigned from ReachLocal to focus on de-stressing, de-anxiety and GET PREGNANT after months of trying unsuccessfully.
  • I fell pregnant along with a brood of girlfriends.
  • Continuing my kickboxing with a new addition to the fitness regime, pregnancy pilates.
  • We moved house.
  • Rylee started school, what a milestone and emotional time for the Ward's!
  • Daniel has taken on much more responsibility surrounding gambling awareness for the AFL, AFLPA and Victorian Country Football League.
  • My best friend Jules had another baby, a little boy Benjamin.
I feel like I have forgotten a few things but you get the general idea of what's being going on with the Modern Day Melbourne Mum.

So, at the moment we are sitting at week 28 of my pregnancy and let me tell you, things are going on with my body that I have either conveniently blocked out in the memory bank from round 1 with Rylee or WORSE, being 6 years older, 'she ain't what she used to be'! So far we have had a pretty cruisy ride, aside from the horrendous roller coaster of nausea and vomiting from around week 6 - 13 things have been going well. We did sadly find out very early that we were to be having twins, one did not survive, apparently very common in early pregnancy.

The day I found out I was pregnant after purchasing at least half a dozen various brand's of pregnancy tests, I could not have been happier. It was the day before we found out the good news, I was finishing off the last of the cleaning from house move number 5 in as many years. I had decided at that moment back at the old house, that it was the most appropriate time to pee on that stick?! From the advice of Jules who will admit herself was as equally neurotic about falling pregnant, I bought the Clear Blue digital stick - just one, I was convinced that our time had finally come. This is the stick that actually tells you if you are 'PREGNANT' or 'NOT PREGNANT'. Jules swore by this one! I wasn't convinced. But I had a crack nonetheless. After soiling the stick, I thought it best to set it down on the laundry sink and give it the 2 minutes it needed to process the verdict. Man, that 2 minutes seemed like an eternity! I bubble wrapped the last of the coffee mugs in the bare kitchen, slowly placing them one by one in the solitary brown cardboard box that sat in the middle of the kitchen floor. 30 seconds down. Next mug, bubble wrapped, placed it in the box. 45 seconds down! By that stage I had grown impatient, so I decided to creep up on the stick and take a quick peak. It was still processing! So I decided to wander out to the carport and start sweeping it out, yep that'll kill some time. I then hear a car pull up, it was my neighbour! We begin to have a chat, all the while I can't stop thinking about the stick I had pee'd on that held my happiness at ransom! A few minutes had passed, I made an excuse to end the conversation with my neighbour and bolted back into the laundry where the stick was sitting. To my complete dismay, it yelled at me 'NOT PREGNANT'. This was just cruel. A digital stick, kicking me in the guts with this news - Jesus the thing could have sugar coated it for me at the very least and read 'I am very sorry to tell you but this time you are not pregnant, but best of luck for next time, I'm praying for you'. Maybe this is a concept I will pitch to the good people at Clear Blue........ As much as I knew it to be true, something inside me was telling me that this test was wrong!

The very next day I decided to inject some more cash into the pregnancy test industry and pick up a brand I hadn't tried yet, my crazy head was convinced that this would bring me luck. Pregnosis. This one was the standard 1 line for not pregnant, 2 for pregnant. I liked it's simplicity and sensitivity! That afternoon  in the new place, in the midst of a sea of boxes, I decided to try again. I had already been told by the Clear Blue test that I wasn't pregnant so my spirits couldn't get any lower. After the deed was done, again, I let the stick sit on the the bathroom basin and wandered out into the living room to start unpacking some boxes. As what seemed like forever had passed, I made the daunting trek back up the hallway to the en suite bathroom to check out the result of my test. I glanced once and clearly saw 1 prominent line. But as my eyes focused and I held the test up to the light, I thought I could see an ever so faint 2nd line. I put the test down, cleared my eyes with my fingers, splashed them with water and took another look. Again, I could see the faintest of faint 2nd line. Nope, I can't call Daniel, yet and get his hope's up, I can't trust that this is correct yet! So I called for back up, Tam. I told her what I had seen but I needed to get a second opinion, I wanted to know if she thought I was crazy enough to go back to the pharmacy and ask the pharmacist if he too could see the double line! She excitedly encouraged me to do it! So off I went, back to my local pharmacy. I sheepishly wandered up to the prescription counter where my friendly pharmacist stood. I pulled the stick out of my handbag (rather gross really) and asked 'Is it my eyes, or can you also see a 2nd line?'. Without batting an eyelid, he held it up to the light, looked at the test for a second or two, turned back to me with a smile on his face and said 'congratulations!'. My heart skipped a beat, I wasn't going insane, I wasn't seeing things! I was finally pregnant with our second child!

Breaking the news to Daniel was the best feeling in the world, with the best reaction. He had been desperate and more than ready for this baby. Equally as exciting was telling Rylee that she was going to be a big sister. When Daniel and I told her, she looked at my tummy and said 'Noooooooo you're not pregnant Mummy, there's no baby in there?'. We had to explain to her that the baby starts off teeny tiny and eventually will grow to a stage that she will be able to feel the baby kicking and wriggling outside my belly.

With 12 weeks to go we are about to embark on some very exciting times with a new addition to the Ward family - this whole notion has kept me smiling despite a few down times of late and is a reminder that the future is bright!

I'm back baby (pardon the pun)! See you next week for my next instalment.